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StollWerthe in the 1200s is STOLLERY today

"WERTHE," sources told your editor, is the traditional name for the herder. The "th" hardened into the "d" sound in this case, is a presumption. Members of the "WERTHE" family were involved in raising, shearing (yet note there were SHEARER families as well), cleaning the pelts, carding the wool (perhaps the CARDERS came from this group) and then selling to woolen weavers (WEAVERS) and specific goods manufacturers.

A family with the name "STOLL" was involved in weaving and preparing woolen fabrics for market. Their work apparently consisted, in the main, of sleeveless shirt-type wraps, or what we would today call "stoles." They bought wool 'pelts,' did the carding and threadmaking for their weaving.

One of the famiilies had a bright idea; it's a presumption that the WERTHE family wanted to "lock in" a market for their wool. It's just as easy to presume that the STOLL family wanted to assure themselves of a source of wool In either case, it's a guess: it also appears to be the first step towards "vertical marketing" of wool; from grower of the raw goods to seller of finished product.

A better historian than this writer will (eventually) tell us more about that fateful day in 1253 when the marriage itself took place, in what appears to have been a small parish; the register isn't available to your editor, at present.

(When it is, and the true facts elicited therefrom, this narrative will be updated and appropriately referenced.)

That marriage between two proud Saxon families was the first real step towards the family we call STOLLERY today. What began in a small parish in southern Egnland has spread, in the Stollery family, to encompass a major portion of the world.

NAME UPDATE: Thank you, sharp librarian! No, we are NOT related to terms found in the Oxford English Dictionary, even if Oxford IS near Suffolk! Just come in on the discussion? Based on what the OED has to say, STOLL = thief; WERTHE = value; ergo, STOLLWERTHE = valuable thief, or wealthy or worthy thief...sorry! However, we DO follow up on things, even if we don't get to do it immediately.

For more discussion on the origins of STOLLERY etc., please see, where you will find all of the known STOLLERY family members in a comma delimited alphabetically ordered file.

There are four "coats of arms" reported in the STOLLERY family.

The COATS OF ARMS page has three of the printed versions, plus current interpretation of those images. Your editor THINKS, as of Jan. 15, we can date two of them. We will cover them as we go along.

During our preparation period for that page, it was discovered that the Coats themselves might clue you in as to when it originated. Note: about May 15th, we had word about a fourth coat (no art work) and that one of the existing coats (#3) is a fake. At this writing (May 28) we've included the fourth coat and information on #3 on a separate page..

AND, we settled one mystery ancestor! We deleted her from the list, as her entry was inaccurate. It was a double, which is explained further on.

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(Most of you already posted your email addresses at, where more information is available.)

Not all Stollerys are linked to the "Main Line"

This web site is given over to the generally accepted "Stollery Family Tree." As such, it omits twice as many or more OTHER Stollerys! You will find the "current list" of all Stollery family members at

Your family has several ... "orphans." Stollery families with names, rarely any dates, and no way of knowing where they link to. Although we've used 'internal evidence' to link some families together, their link to the rest of us is missing -- which leads us to our call, nay, our CRY, for your help:

If you know dates, etc., for the individuals -- please email me!

OH -- just noticed on Memorial Day weekend; the orphan pages, here, are not complete as we've added a few Stollerys to the alphabetical pages. I'm not really on top of the Orphan pages, with all the other things going on.

AND, something new. I've been asked about doing more to list the spouses than their current position. Okay, give me some room -- and I'll turn out a composite SPOUSE LIST complete with links to your own family pages. Just send me the links, okay!

Site email address -- mailto:

To contact the editor, use the email link above.

NEW STOLLERY WEB SITE -- Paul Pederson, a major contributor of information to the and other web databanks (and to our PAF file here) has developed his own tribute to our family. He's not posted the Coats of Arms yet -- but you will find different materials when you look at

Thanks to...

Frederick Arnold Stollery, Sacramento CA (of the California Stollerys) for printing, in March 2001, a compendium on which these pages are based. An update: the original file (which came before the book) is a PAF file.

Nancy Crisp, Essex, UK, for leading and discovering many of the names and dates.

Kathy Stollery Vick, Edmonton, Alberta, Can., source of the original Canada line.

Paul Pederson and wife Jean Stollery Pederson, Toronto, Ontario, Can., for expanding some of the Canadian story.

the URL is

Joan (Mrs. Arthur) Stollery, Christchurch, NZ, for the New Zealand / Southseas line.

APOLOGIES may be due to several "non-Stollery" descendants; the original files were recorded in "PAF" (hence the numbers) and because several different families were involved, their descendants were omitted from these crowded pages. HEY, COUSINS, I'll be delighted to insert your links in those places! You can have your OWN family tree pages -- email me!

Additional work by Gary John Stollery, also of the California Stollerys.

Your editor is thankful for the preliminary work by these wonderful family members and relatives. Alterations and additions to the printed report are the responsibility of your editor. So are the usual typographical errors, which were inserted by accident and NOT to satisfy the purists who look for such things. (Tell me about them, of course, and I'll sneak in and correct what ones can be corrected.)

Should you have any of the "missing links," that is, connections between the major line and the "orphans" in the minor lines, be sure to let your editor know! (email links below.)

(Ed Stollery is the same as Edward W. Stollery II as may have been seen elsewhere on the internet.)
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